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Founded on a passion for food, entertaining and hospitality, Del Fico Catering & Events provides an upscale experience in full-service catering and event management. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, exceptional cuisine is synonymous with who we are!


Our commitment to sourcing the finest food and beverage items provides the foundation to our success.  We strive to exceed client's expectations, which continues to inspire our thirst to create an unsurpassed experience that is uniquely yours. 



Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic team.

Emma Brown, Toronto



Equipped with an innate understanding for what truly warms the heart, our devoted team brings forth a fusion of imaginative flair that guarantees to keep your name in the spotlight.


Creativity and quality translate into a unique and tantalizing menu that our Executive Chef Greg Couillard works diligently to adapt and tailor to your needs. Designed with all tastes in mind, from intimate gatherings for a handful of guests to corporate luncheons and five star events, Del Fico has become a choice caterer to some of the biggest names in our city! 


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Fill out the box below and a catering coordinator will be happy to assist in making your upcoming event a memorable experience. Please offer up to 48 hours notice so we can ensure quality and freshness of orders. However, we can expedite orders for those unexpected occasions. Just give us a call! 

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